Organic Search Engine Optimization

There are two basic methods of getting your website discovered by search engines. First is a paid listing through Google, Bing, Yahoo etc. Depending on your business this can be a great way to get started early on in development. However, it can become very costly in the long run if your ROI (Return On Investment) is not high enough.

The second way is “Organic Search Engine Optimization.” Depending on the search term or terms you want to be found under it can happen fast or take a long time. Competition is the key. Google has many tools available to determine competition including doing a simple Google search. Most of those reading this will not have time for figuring this all out. Why not run  your business and let us do the Organic SEO?

The real question is how long will it take and how much will it cost. Here is the truth that nobody else will tell you. It depends on too many things to give a single answer for every situation. You should avoid emails or even local companies that give you a single price option. Here is why:

A local business must look at the competition. Something like a barber shop in a small town should be easy due to low competition. Therefore, this will cost much less than something like a car company that needs to be found for “used cars” in multiple localities. As you can guess, the ROI is also much higher on used cars than a haircut. Each project would be priced differently.

There are hundreds of examples. Why not contact us to find out what we think your project might cost? In many cases we will charge a very low rate to try. If  your website achieves first page Google ranking you will then be expected to pay a higher price for success. I do not know any other company offering success based fees.

We do not accept all clients. If we think what you are striving for is out of your price range or will not give you the proper ROI we will be the first to tell you so.

Do you still want to know more? Please use our Contact page to get in touch with us.

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