Add to any Social Media System

Our system allows you and us to add any part of our website to your social media of choice. As of this writing Facebook is the most popular. However, we all remember when MySpace was king. Now that MySpace is a nearly extinct system we are waiting on the next big thing. I’m guessing it might be Google Plus. It has lots of features that are simplistic and more privacy features. I’m guessing even the big dog Google might have a hard time convincing people to switch over. The first thing they will need to do is build an easy way to import your friends, images and some of your old posts to Facebook.

In any event, our system currently allows for one click Posting from your website to nearly 100 social media systems! Yes, I said nearly 100. I bet you did not even know there were that many. Don’t feel bad. I did not know that until a year ago. Though some are very unpopular we still include them in the list.

Add To Any Social Media

Look for this image at the top and bottom of our posts and pages. Click on it one time and then click the down arrow at the bottom to see all social media sites included.


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