PAontheweb LLC owns and operates various websites across America. We are in the process of rebranding ourselves on a more national level.

We are veteran owned and provide website development and integrated Social Media platforms as well as website hosting, domains, email and much more. Our technical support is 24/7 and All-American. Click here to visit our technology center website.

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At the top are just a few examples of the many of websites we have done. All look good on a Jumbotron and Smartphone!

Why would you go anywhere else for website design, creation, advertising, SEO & mobile compliance? Contact us today to get a custom quote if one of the below options does not fit your needs. We love to work on custom projects.

We are a Website Development and Internet Advertising Company located in Elizabethtown/Hershey PA. Also we operate many popular business directories in various states. In Pennsylvania we own 3 top directories to help get your website found before the competition: PAontheweb, Pennsylvaniasweb & PennsylvaniasOnline. Along with these we have directories in Florida, Texas, North Carolina, Maryland, Delaware, and New York.

We Offer:

  • Custom Design and Search Engine Optimization
  • Content Management System for easy updating. No webmaster needed!
  • Add unlimited pages, posts, images and more without limits set by us!
  • Unlimited Email accounts with your website.
  • Photo galleries seamlessly integrated into your site.
  • Mobile Compliant Website – Automatic Smart Phone view conversion for all smart phones.
  • Automatic feeds to Twitter and one click adding to Facebook from your website.
  • Automatic weekly and daily backups.
  • Database lead/contact management.
  • Newsletters & Subscription features galore.
  • QR Coding for easy bookmarking and marketing.
  • E-Commerce – Shopping cart for online sales (See Example Products Page)
  • On site or remote support
  • And more…

We can create a website for your business which can fit any budget!


PAontheweb LLC

About Us

Since October 2003 PAontheweb LLC has been providing web technologies for our customers.

The company was started 1 year after the owner, Mike Kelly, retired from the Air Force’s 193rd Special Operations Wing with 23 years service. He wrote the very first Air Force manual written in web format with a hyperlinked document for a computer program he helped to co-create called ALSMS or Aircrew Life Support Management System.

This was a big job that required the transfer of old-fashioned .dbf files into that new thing called Windows in the early 1990’s. Captain Sean Ireland (programmer) and MSgt Mike Kelly (technical advisor) saved the Air Force millions of dollars in taxpayer money.

Upon retiring there was little call for teaching survival techniques in the civilian world so MSgt Kelly opened his own web and technology business which grew into the first State Wide website directory for Pennsylvania.

Google eventually replaced their simple search with the Maps | | News| Images | Shopping  | More tabs at the top of their search engine. This was in part based on what we had done with the early Google CSE code. We have left our legacy website https://www.LetUsBeYourGuide.com/ online for historical reference.